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Learning and development

Investing in you and your team benefits everyone.

We’re good together.

As a forward-looking business working at the forefront of healthcare, we take the development of our staff very seriously.

It also gives great people lots of good reasons to join us and stay with us. Here they can further their careers, become a better version of themselves and influence the future of healthcare for the benefit of all.

You can also be confident that you’ll be working with a team of engaged, talented, high performing people at the top of their game.

To ensure that all our staff have the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver a high quality service to our patients, service users and carers, we invest in developing, delivering, and supporting high quality learning, education and training; working in partnership with our staff and partners across the health and social care community such as GP practices, adult community care, children’s services, acute hospitals and local CCGs.

Feedback from staff

During the recent staff survey, Learning and Development ranked highly in staff positivity. The following statements have been taken from the staff survey:

  • “Bristol Community Health has made a positive contribution to my development”
  • “There is a learning culture at Bristol Community Health”
  • “The training at BCH is helping me to become more aware of taking teams forward and to support and promote good working ethics”
  • “The training on offer has helped improve confidence and aid self-development”

Example learning and development programmes

Managed Learning Environment (MLE)

We use an online system to manage all of your Essential Skills training and some of your additional professional development training. The Managed Learning Environment (MLE) is a web-based resource that stores your training information. To help with navigating MLE, there are guides on the MLE homepage under ‘useful documents’.

Statutory and Mandatory Training

Essential Skills is the name given to the training that is essential for you to do your job safely and effectively, as well as meeting legislative guidelines. You may have referred to this as statutory mandatory training previously. Essential Skills training is much broader than statutory mandatory training as it includes other training that may be essential for individual roles.

Our Essential Skills programme is delivered through a blend of trainer led face-to-face sessions or eLearning packages. This can all be accessed through the Managed Learning Environment (MLE).

Clinical Training

We offer a broad range of clinical training which is tailored to specific job roles and services to ensure high quality health care is delivered to patients and service users. Clinicians will be supported and guided towards the training that is required by managers and their personal training record on MLE (Accreditation Detail Report).

Health and Wellbeing

Bristol Community Health offers a breadth of health and wellbeing programmes such as ‘Managing Stress and Resilience’ training. We also offer a five session Health and Wellbeing programme which has been developed with expert input from clinical psychologists, physiotherapists, dieticians and senior HR and training professionals.

Leadership and Management Training

Management Matters is a programme which has been specifically designed for managers at Bristol Community Health. The programme supports staff to be great managers by providing an opportunity to learn management skills, techniques and tools to become effective leaders.

Additional management masterclasses include:

  • Difficult Conversations
  • Coaching Conversations
  • Managing a Healthy Team

Career development programmes


We offer Preceptorship training to all newly qualified band 5 staff to support their transition from student to registered practitioner. Find out more about the Preceptorship programme. 

Clinical Rotations

To provide newly qualified staff with a wide range of experience and to consolidate their university learning, we offer the chance to rotate their work practice between varying services within the organisation. Find out more about the Newly Qualified Nurse Postgraduate Rotational programme.


To support staff with their career progression we offer scholarships for band 3 and 4 staff to attend university to complete a nursing or Allied Health Professional Degree.