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Clinical Project and Dementia Lead

“One motivation for joining BCH was the desire to impact service provision more locally.”

  • What’s the best thing about working at BCH? What motivated you to join the organisation?

    There are fantastic opportunities provided by the versatility of my role. One motivation for joining BCH was the desire to impact service provision more locally.

  • Describe the working culture here?

    I find the working culture in BCH very encouraging and empowering. For starters it’s a joy to work in an environment where I feel valued and respected. It never ceases to amaze me how the senior managers can be so approachable and reachable. It’s a blessing to work in an environment of openness, friendliness and genuine care and concern. Often I forgot I’ve only been here three and a half years, it feels a lot longer. The three and a half years’ experience at BCH has relieved me of the fear of stepping out of main NHS services. BCH has exceeded my expectations.

  • What do you think makes someone successful here?

    I think being true to yourself and aligning to the organisation’s visions and ethos. I believe success is about giving as much as receiving, and, as so the law of sowing and reaping is crucial to success. I believe if you give what is expected of you, you’ll get back what (and even more than) you expect.

  • Tell us about the learning and development and career progression opportunities?

    I’m amazed at the massive development opportunities which exist within BCH. I find management very supportive of such opportunities and the learning and development team also brilliant with their support. There were numerous occasions when my departmental head has been instrumental to my colleagues and I accessing some significant opportunities. I think such opportunities would have been rather difficult (if not almost impossible) to access in some other organisations.

  • What’s the most rewarding thing about your role?

    Working with a variety of professionals (clinical and non-clinical alike), teams and services. Also working on a variety of projects…there is definitely never a dull day in BCH land!

  • What do you think employees would say about the service you provide?

    I think colleagues would say (and have actually said) I’m an asset to their practice. I believe they appreciate my support as I do theirs.

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