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“BCH offers a friendly, supportive and positive working environment.”

  • Tell us about your role. What do you get up to on a typical day/week?

    I am one of the pharmacists based at HMP Bristol Pharmacy. I am involved in the day to day running of the pharmacy, clinically screening prescriptions to ensure they are safe and appropriate, preparing the prescriptions for delivery to the five prisons within our sector and handling pharmaceutical queries. Alongside this, I also partake in policy development, updating medication formularies, staff management and liaising with other members of the healthcare team to optimise patient care.

    I hold clinics at two of our prisons on a weekly to bi-weekly basis, providing patients with an opportunity to discuss their medication as well as allowing us to assess a patient’s medication in more detail.

  • What’s the best thing about working in the community? What made you choose this kind of work?

    I came to work for BCH having worked in community pharmacy for a few years. I was drawn to secure environment pharmacy as it adds another dimension to the work that we do. I am able to have a lot more involvement in patient care now than when I worked in a community pharmacy and I feel that I am able to utilise my clinical knowledge to a greater extent. I thoroughly enjoy working as part of a multidisciplinary team and being able to work closely with prescribers to offer the best care that we can to patients.

    Although working within a secure environment can be challenging at times it is rewarding to see patients develop and progress as a result of the work we do.

  • Describe the working culture here?

    BCH offers a friendly, supportive and positive working environment. There is always someone available to provide help or advice if needed. I feel encouraged and supported to develop myself and my career and have been provided with the understanding of how my role impacts the wider team.

  • What do you think makes someone successful here?

    The friendly working environment, motivated teams, guidance and no blame policy. We are all keen to provide the best service we can for our patients. We share our learning and support the development of one another. There are so many learning opportunities offered both within BCH and through external education providers; personal development, career progression and learning are promoted by BCH.

  • Tell us about the learning and development and career progression opportunities?

    Since starting employment with BCH I have had several opportunities to further my learning and progress my career. Within my first year I was able to complete 2 Level 6 courses through Education for Health – one in asthma and one in COPD. I have since been offered the opportunity to complete a non-medical prescribing course allowing me to further develop my knowledge and skill within the field of asthma and COPD.

    BCH also offer a wide range of courses through MLE, providing a wealth of resources for further personal development. I have been able to attend some of these courses that have really aided my development as a manager, such as Management Matters. I enjoy that these sessions are multidisciplinary, bringing together employees from all sectors of BCH. It is great to have the opportunity to meet and learn from other BCH staff members

  • What’s the most rewarding thing about your role?

    Making a difference. I love being able to provide advice to patients, helping them understand the management of their conditions and improve their quality of life.

    I enjoy learning from and supporting the multidisciplinary team I work within.

  • What do you think patients would say about the service you provide?

    I would like to think that the patients I see during clinics would have found the interaction to have had a positive impact on their health and well-being. A lot of patients perhaps don’t understand the service the pharmacy team provide, for example clinical screening of prescriptions and working behind the scenes to prevent drug prescribing errors, but if they did I would like to think that they were grateful for our timely interventions.

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