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Respiratory Team – Clinical Lead

“The expectation of high standards of care is embedded in the day to day culture.”

  • Tell us about your role. What do you get up to on a typical day/week?

    I support the clinical delivery and clinical decision making of the team. We deliver care across three pathways; Home Oxygen Service, Pulmonary Rehabilitation and the Hospital at Home service for COPD patients.

    As a physiotherapist I draw on my skills of assessment and exercise prescribing and also use advance skills I have obtained since being in post, such as taking blood gases/ venipuncture and non-medical prescribing.

  • What’s the best thing about working in the community? What made you choose this kind of work?

    The diversity of my role means it is exciting, I really enjoy seeing people in their own environments, supporting them to make decisions about their healthcare, so they are able to balance their health beliefs and their lifestyle with their long term conditions. I truly believe this enables us to deliver patient centered health care.

  • If you have worked in a previous environment, e.g. acute, how does this compare to working in community health?

    I have worked at the interface of acute care and community care my entire career and enjoy supporting patients to access the care that most suits their needs, and the stage of their disease or acuity of their condition.

    In community health care I believe the focus of decision making is balancing clinical risk with patient choice. By informing patients about their options means they are in control of their care. Although patients often present with a single healthcare compliant, a personalised assessment often reveals wider health needs. This leads to an honest and supportive working relationship between patient and healthcare professional. Considering how to better support the wider health challenges often enables the patient to better manage their presenting concerns. The patient centered approach gives me immense job satisfaction.

  • Describe the working culture here?

    The expectation of high standards of care is embedded in the day to day culture. Ensuring that as health professionals, we do the best we can to support and empower our patients to lead on their health care. This expectation makes me feel proud that I deliver a good service.

  • What do you think makes someone successful here?

    Thinking of their colleagues – helping each other out so we all feel like we are working efficiently for the patient, and that if you feel concerned about a patient there is a system to share your concerns, so you never feel alone when managing complex cases. If we work joined up and considerately for each other, we have even more energy to give to our patients.

  • Tell us about the learning and development and career progression opportunities?

    I have been supported to develop into a well-rounded clinician, obtaining skills that suit the role I deliver to make patient care more efficient. I have accessed training internally/ externally and been encouraged to engage with national organisations to improve my understanding of healthcare and service delivery on a regional and national basis.

  • What’s the most rewarding thing about your role?

    Supporting the team I work within to feel secure and proud of the care they deliver on a daily basis.

  • What do you think patients would say about the service you provide?

    It’s safe, compassionate and personalised.

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