We’ll help you to find your feet as part of a collaborative team.

We’re good together.

Our Podiatrists work as part of forward-thinking, multidisciplinary teams with a clear patient focus to assess, diagnose and treat foot problems. Their aim is to help patients keep active, making lives better and promoting patient self-care.

Their work has been recognised internally with an Adult Team of the Year BOSCA award.

The team treats patients with complex medical problems, that put the lower limbs at risk of complications, in community clinics across Bristol. They also offer a restricted home visiting service for those who are chair or bed-bound.

Our teams enjoy rewarding and dynamic roles where no two days are the same. They might be working with young patients or older people with long term conditions, in the community or at pre-planned clinics, in a patient’s home or with Consultants, Microbiologists and Radiographers in hospital.

Our Podiatrists also enjoy a supportive environment where learning is enabled and encouraged. That includes specialist rotations (including in Diabetes and Endocrinology), clinical competencies and regular one-to-ones. They also have access to clinical mentors and clinical specialists. and there are opportunities to develop your career across our pathways or into leadership.

We look for qualified, registered Podiatrists who have advanced clinical reasoning, critical thinking, analysis and reflective skills in assessment, and who can support clinical treatment planning for high risk patients.

Our podiatry services include:

  • Screening for patients with diabetes at moderate or high risk of developing foot complications
  • Minor surgery using local anaesthetic
  • MSK Podiatry – assess and diagnosis musculoskeletal pathology, designing person-centred treatment plans with the use foot orthosis, padding, exercise prescription, self-care advice, taping, and activities modifications
  • Using materials science to help affect patient’s kinetics – reduce tissue stress ready for rehabilitation
  • Help patients avoid surgical intervention with conservative treatment options
  • Person-centred care
  • Shared decision making
  • Shared care/collaborative working

Our Adult Health service

Watch this film about working in our Adult Health Service to hear more about Podiatry, as well as other aspects of our work, including Community Nursing, Specialist Nursing and Occupational Therapy:

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